“Don’t Panic” by Pulse Games

Don't PanicSponsor Poster 3

I am a Sponsor for the Pulse Games event this year. It is always something I look forward to, and have been a part of the games in past years.

This year you get to be a Ghostbuster! haha.

The Stringer Mausoleum - Possession Eyes - B

I made these eyes for you to find as you walk through the Haunted house. I enjoy voided eyes, but sometimes you want a bit of a change right? I made these with coloured shines. There are 4 colours, Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow. I have them in petites sizes as well.

The Stringer Mausoleum - Spectral Wisps - B

Due to this year being an actual Haunted House theme, I tried to keep with the theme with my items. This is a 2 part gift. There is a head attachment to be worn with any hair, as well as a rotating wisp attachment. I did them up in 2 colours, and they come with petites sizes.

In total I have 8 rats hidden in the Haunted House, so as you look around for clues, on how to solve the various puzzled, check and see if there are any critters near by!

You can start your adventure tomorrow, HERE